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BellGlobe Media Scholarship Recipients
Name Title of Project Award
Jennifer Chrumka (UBC) Health: Global and Social Determinants $6,250
Jessalynn Keller (UBC) Social / Gender Issues $6,250
Munisha Tumato (UBC) Cultural Affairs $6,250
Kristine Thiessen (UBC) Canadian Politics $6,250
Manucher Mamadvafoev (UBC) International Development $13,500
Abul Mansur Ahmed, PhD candidate (York/ Ryerson) Press Freedom and Democracy in Bangladesh $3,645
Robert Burkett, MA candidate (York/ Ryerson) Broadcasting and Independence in Post-Apartheid South Africa
John Constance, PhD candidate (York/Ryerson) Creation and Development of the Film Industry in Quebec $2,500
Monica MacDonald, PhD candidate (York/ Ryerson) Non-Fiction History on Canadian Television $2,500
Philip Savage, PhD candidate (York /Ryerson) The Audience Massage: Audience Research and Broadcasting in Canada $2,000
Sarah Tune, MA candidate (York/ Ryerson) Television Production Policy in Canada $2,000
BellGlobe Media Scholarship Recipients
Name Title of Project Award
Charles Badelt Bradley (UBC) How Canada’s two national newspapers have covered major environmental issues and how the culture of arguments used by the media often stands in the way of true understanding by readers and viewers $12,500
Jing Yang (UBC) Chinese Media in Canada $12,500
Sara Victoria Grosse (UBC) Sources of Institution Racism within the structure of the media $12,500
Teisha Gaylard (York/Ryerson) Cultural Policy and the ‘Diginets’: An Analysis of the Policy Framework for Canadian Digital Pay and Specialty Services $10,000
BellGlobe Media Scholarship Recipients
Name Title of Thesis Award
Juana Berinstein (Ryerson) Creating Democratic Media: Public Policy and Counter-Hegemony $5000
Ayesha Bhatty (UBC) Specialization: Social and political issue  
Ai Lin Choo (UBC) Specialization: Legal affairs  
Robson Fletcher (UBC) Specialization: Science and ethics  
Joana Londono (York) AIDS: A MALE DISEASE? Media Representations of HIV/AIDS in North America $5000
Kailing Ma (York) Transformation: Aspects of the Contemporary Mediascape in China $5000
Erin McPhee (UBC) Specialization: Media studies  
Jaclyn Reid (Ryerson) Sex for Sale: Visual Culture and Prostitution in Nineteenth Century London $5000
Sara Tune (York) Film and the Digital Revolution $10,000
BellGlobe Media Scholarship Recipients
Name Title of Thesis Award
Gary Ellis (York) Toying with Us? Analysis of Gender and Race in Children's Television Advertisement $5000
Cecilia Jamasmie (UBC) Online Journalism  
Ganaele Langlois (York) Newspaper Websites and the Public Sphere: An Inquiry into Hybrid Information Models and their Impact on Democratic Life $10,000
Kathe Lemon (Ryerson) Agent of Social Change: A History of Canadian University Press $5000
Myles Leslie (UBC) SARS and the Media  
Matthew Ramsey (UBC) Emergency legislation in catastrophic situations  
Katherine Zeiman (Ryerson) The Representation of Queer People in North American Popular Culture $5000


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