Canadians Value Home Internet Connection More Than Other Media Devices

Canadians value their home Internet connection more than any other medium and younger Canadians have already begun to access most of their information and entertainment programming online.

Devices graphicOf all the devices with which Canadians access news and information, two-in-five would be least willing to give up their home Internet subscription, a recent Canadian Media Research Consortium (CMRC) poll has found.

In the online survey of a representative national sample of 1,682 Canadian adults conducted by Angus Reid Public Opinion, 42 per cent of respondents say they would be “least willing to give up” their home Internet connection, while 24 per cent claim they would be least willing to give up their television cable subscription; 17 per cent each say the same about their mobile phone or newspaper subscription.

Access to news and information is not the only reason why Canadians would least be willing to give up their home Internet subscription.

Other services such as e-mail, home banking, gaming, and home entertainment – including watching TV online – should also be considered when judging why Canadians value their home Internet above all other media devices.

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