How Quebecers Consume the News (2010)

The rate at which media platforms are evolving is staggering. In a world awash in information, it is vital to understand how newer media habits are affecting older ones. This book is the result of a multiyear research project that tries to better understand how Quebecers consume news, and how their habits are changing over time.

Sustainable News Models for a Digital Age: The New Journalist (2010)

This book from Emond Montgomery Publications looks at a wide range of topics in media, including new journalism skills, the state of journalism, and news models. It features a chapter co-authored by CMRC President Donna Logan and Research Manager Darryl Korell entitled Sustainable News Models for a Digital Age. It looks at the current state of the media in Canada, and which news business models will thrive in the future.

Quality in Journalism As Seen by Newspeople (2009)

This book tries to clarify what constitutes quality journalism today. To provide a current, local definition of this, it examined statements by journalists, executives and managers from Quebec's news media.

Canada Online! The Internet, Media and Emerging Technologies (2008)

The Canadian Internet Project examines attitudes, access, and engagement online, as well as conventional media use and growth in emerging technologies.

Online Canadians and News (2008)

This study looks at daily media use and news consumption. It consists of 1,000 interviews, and its key objective is to understand the interplay of the internet and traditional media among those who have access to both.

Fairness in the Media (2007)
This survey probes the perceptions of journalists and newsmakers as to what constitutes fairness in news coverage. It involves interviews with members of the Parliamentary Press Gallery and Members of Parliament.

The Confrontation of Old and New Media (2007)
This book reports on a seminar on Broadcasting and New Media, held in November 2006. It covers two indivisible themes: business models and regulation.

The Role of the State in Broadcasting Governance (2006)
This books looks into the role of broadcasting governance and if there is something about broadcast media that distinguishes them fundamentally from the press and newer forms of communication, especially when all media are converging on common platforms.

The 18-24 Age Group and the News
This report studies young adults and their interest in information so as to verify whether their apparent lack of interest in the social and political news is real, and furthermore, to explore how they see the media.

Canada Online! Behaviour, Attitudes and Trends (2005)

A partner in the World Internet Project, the Canadian Internet Project conducts periodic representative national surveys of Internet use, conventional media use, and audience attitudes.

Liberties and Public Interest in Broadcasting (2005)
This publication concerns regulatory bodies and their operations in Europe, France, Great Britain, the United States, and Canada. Are the CRTC’s powers excessive? Are its operations unsound? The experience of others can help us answer these questions.

Report Card on Canadian News Media (2004)

The goals of this research were to discover what Canadians think about the news they're getting; determine how much Canadians trust the news they're receiving; examine issues of media credibility and trust; and determine if Canadian attitudes and perceptions about the news media are different from American attitudes and perceptions.

Convergence: Foolish Expectations
Business convergence is shaky. Content convergence is cautiously feeling its way. This book reports on the proceedings of a conference that looked at yesterday’s exuberance and examines the reality of convergence and the future of the Internet.

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