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The future of Canadian journalism is uncertain. It depends not only on the development of new business models and revenue streams for the conventional media, but also on its ability to adapt to the new digital environment and to engage audiences in spite of increasing competition for their attention from elsewhere.

Journalists, politicians, and the public need to examine Canada’s news media and theorize what its future holds. In response, the Consortium has undertaken a study that looks into three areas:

  1. A long-term economic analysis of the changing media landscape
  2. Emerging alternative news models
  3. Audience expectations, preferences, and new consumption practices

The CMRC will publish its findings in the summer or fall of 2010.

The New Journalist: Roles, Skills, and Critical Thinking

The CMRC is pleased to announce the release of a new book from Emond Montgomery Publications, which looks at a wide range of topics in media, including new journalism skills, the state of journalism, and news models. It features a chapter co-authored by CMRC President Donna Logan and Research Manager Darryl Korell entitled Sustainable News Models for a Digital Age. It looks at the current state of the media in Canada, and which news business models will thrive in the future. The chapter is part of the CMRC's State of the Media in Canada project.

Study Preview

The CMRC previewed its upcoming State of the Media in Canada report at Ink and Beyond, a conference hosted by the Canadian Community Newspapers Association (CCNA) and the Canadian Newspaper Association (CNA). The presentation looked into advancing technologies, changing consumer habits, and new business models. More »

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State of News: Study Preview

The New Journalist: Roles, Skills, and Critical Thinking