Report Card on Canadian News Media
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01 Report Card on Canadian News...
02 Part One:
03 The Areas We Examined...
04 Interest in News
05 Where Canadians Get Their News
06 North American and European...
07 National and Local Canadian...
08 News on the Internet
09 Top Internet Sites for...
10 Canadians Watch Canadian...
11 Canadians Have Routines...
12 Part Two:
13 Elements of Credibility
14 Media Accuracy
15 Quote
16 Reporter Bias: Canada
17 Reporter Bias: U.S.
18 Quote
19 Fairness and Balance
20 Fairness and Balance
21 Media Accountability
22 Media Responsiveness
23 Sensationalism and Trust
24 Quote
25 Are the Media Independent?
26 Who Influences the News?
27 Consolidation & Ownership
28 Role of the Media in Society
29 Comparing News Media
30 Satisfaction with Aspects...
31 Quote
32 Understanding News Stories
33 Features of the French (Quebec)...
34 Interest in News
35 Media Role in Society
36 Television vs. Newspapers
37 Part Three:
38 Report Card
39 Methodology
40 Research Team and Links

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  • Canadian researchers worked in collaboration with American researchers from the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, who have been doing this type of investigation for 30 years. The U.S. data presented here are from Pew Research Center studies.

  • Because we were conscious of the inherent weaknesses in surveys of the media—that people tend to vent against “the media”—we were careful in our methodology to direct people to the media that they were familiar with. We asked them to tell us what they consumed, and in several questions, we asked them to respond on the basis of what they had directly experienced.

  • This research has shed light on some interesting, and, in some cases, disturbing differences between Canada and the United States when it comes to news media. These findings are being released here for the very first time.

  • The bottom line is—news is important to Canadians but how do they feel about the news they're getting—well in some cases not all that good.

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